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Welcome to the webpage of HB, your partner in injection molds.
Guiding you through the process of creating your idea into your final product is our goal.
HB offers you a complete solution as we present you 3D-product drawings, mold making and project management in order to produce a product of the highest quality.
We produce high quality molds according to the European standards. Together with that we can also be your partner when you are looking for a company that helps you in repairing, modifying or maintaining your molds.
Short turnaround times are our strength.
It is our aim to offer you an excellent service. We set our sights on answering your expectations as much as possible.
The first stage in the process of developing your product is making the product in plastic, thermosetting or aluminium. During this stage we investigate and discuss arising problems and offer you alternatives. As desired we provide you some prototypes of the product, which can be made in solid material or stereolithography.
Drawing the mold concept is the second stage. The mold concept is discussed with you and according to that a detailed drawing of every component of the mold is made. We also make mold-flow analysis.
During the third stage we produce your mold in our companies in Belgium or China. We coordinate everything within HB and we discuss everything thouroughly with you as to offer you a high quality mold in a very short turnout time. Within this short turnout time we also provide you with the first samples.
As HB guides you throughout the whole process of turning your idea into a high quality product, we can be the partner that you are looking for. Take a look at our website! In case you have any questions or remarks, feel free to contact us.
Hope to welcome you soon!
Hendrik Baecke
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